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Rebekah1213 Post 47: Teaching is so underappreciated
rebekah1213 wrote in 50_posts

Author: Rebekah1213
Title: Teaching is so underappreciated
Prompt No. 47
Letter to a Mentor

Rating: PG
Word count: 349


Dear My 5th, 7th, and 8th English and Math teacher (I am not going to add names on my blog. I went to a Catholic junior high and my 5th grade teacher moved up with my 7th grade class, so I got her 3 years.)


I always had a plan growing up and while in junior high and high school the plan was pretty much the same: get good grade, get into college and hopefully find m big break in music. I had three loves growing up: music, writing, and cooking. I always believe I would excel at least one of them. In school there was one teacher I will remember probably just a bit more than the other and that was because she taught me English and Math in 5th grade, 7th grade and 8th grade.


I never saw a teacher so excited the day I got my new glasses in 5th grade. I was late for reading because of my eye doctor’s appointment and when I walked in the door she had a smile across her face. I had my first pair of glasses and she was so excited I wasn’t squinting while I was reading that she made me read all of the signs on the clip board around the room.


She showed me a passion in writing; in fact, it was my fifth grade year when I truly started to write stories and poetry for myself. After that year everyone knew me as the girl who would write during recess. Even in high school people knew me, because I always had a notebook and pen in my hand.


I just want to tell her thank you for three years of encouragement. You know it’s funny we still chat on facebook once and while and she wants a copy of my next book which I’m still working on. Again thank you for your support, encouragement and excitement about writing.



                                                                                    One of your Best Students




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