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Rebekah1213 No. 48 When I take a long look in the mirror this is what I see.
rebekah1213 wrote in 50_posts

Author: Rebekah1213
Title: This is what I see
Prompt No. 48
When I take a long look in the mirror this is what I see.

Rating: PG-13
Word count: 403
Warnings: Language


When I looking into a mirror what do I see. . . (Well, I can go at this: three ways):


1.      I’ll start with my negative side: It sees the one zit that is so deep into the skin that it haunts and taunts me. I cannot pop it without scarring, but I know it is resistant to any of my soaps and crèmes. It always pops up just before a family function or when I am getting my photo taken  . . damn bastard.
This side of me also sees me on the really bad hair day where your hair wants to do everything, but what you want it to do.
This side also sees when I feel fat and it just mocks me. . . I try to avoid mirrors on those days.

2.      My realistic side: I see that my bubbly personality doesn’t match my plain ponytail look. I’m 5 foot, around 250 pounds (and I am not afraid to announce after all this side sees reality.) I have a cubby face with high cheek bones, bottom of the lake blue eyes which are both hidden by out-of-style glasses. My hair is currently dirty-dish water blonde (almost light brown and I believe this is the closest I have ever had it to my true hair color since I was 16 since I haven’t had money or the time to simply dye it. I am thinking of dying it a new color for 2012 maybe bright red, blue or purple. Who knows? What color really goes with my personality?) My personality is light and dark and I believe I don’t have enough dark in my look right now.

3.      My hopeful side: I see a selfless girl who drops her own life to help her family and friends even when she gets chewed out or burned in the end. She still helps out without anything in return. (She’s not trying to collect Karma points as if there is a point system.) She simply does it help out those who need it as she desires to see others happy. It is her blessing and her curse.

I cannot just see myself as one away or another: my moods change daily.


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