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No. 45 I Have Control Rebekah1213
rebekah1213 wrote in 50_posts

Author: Rebekah1213
Title: I have Control
Prompt No. 45 Self-control is . . .
Rating: PG
Word count: 225
Warnings: None


Self-control is something I have little of (especially with shopping). I mean when I go grocery shopping, for example, I have a list for things I need to use for dinner and I will still get the munchies and sweets. My boyfriend usually doesn’t disagree, but I just wish I wasn’t so impulsive, because it just makes me go and re-budget. (I also wonder where I gain that five pounds . . . the sweets.)


Self-control is also when you have a hole in your tongue from biting it instead of causing world war 3 with your friends or your boyfriend’s friends. I’m so sick of people acting one way around us and another way when we are gone. I am sick to death of hearing someone said this or that about me, behind my back. (If you don’t like me, I don’t care, but just have enough guts to tell me the truth to my face.)


Self-control is listening to my family babbling about their religious morals when I don’t believe in the same thing. It is when I keep quiet as I smile and nod simply to just keep peace.


Self-control is not telling my EX-stepmother off, knowing that I want to, but I don’t want my brothers having to deal with her afterwards.


Damn maybe I do have some self-control after all.


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