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No. 44 School Days Rebekah1213
rebekah1213 wrote in 50_posts

Author: Rebekah1213
Title: School Days
Prompt No.: 44. My fondest School Memory

Rating: PG
Word count: 419



I have three moments that I remember the best. . .


First moment was when I was in fifth grade and I just got glasses and my reading teacher who I am still good friends with made me read all of the signs around the room for the entire class. She was so excited when I could do it without squinting or complaining of a headache. It was exciting and kind of embarrassing, but my friends were happy for me.


My favorite subjects are music/choir and English so many of my greatest memories have to do with those classes. . .


I remember there was a program I wanted to be in as I was in program Young Authors four years in row. I wanted to be in a program called Power of the Pen where they time you and give you a prompt and the most creative person get points. However my grammar was what kept me from getting in. (I also believe the teacher aide that was in charge of the local group wasn’t too fond of my perkiness and being too hyper.)


I remember I wrote a 10 page paper in English on how music improves math score from two different angles. I got actually got 120% on the finished project which I turned in two days early. It was the easiest paper I ever wrote and I wrote it in my senior year of high school.


I loved my four years of choir in high school. I enjoyed my choir director, he showed me how to enjoy and learn about music at the same time. His students, me included, could obviously tell that he was passionate about music and performance. However his wife who teaches at the local community college is completely the opposite of him . . . he makes music fun and she is a freakin’ music Nazi. She wouldn’t help me when I had problems with my sight and singing classes; as she didn’t want to give me more attention. “It wasn’t fair for the other students,” was her biggest excuse, but I couldn’t just find a tutor in that class. Then she told me “maybe music performance isn’t for you.” I was devastated for several months as it took over a year for me to realize my second passion that was right in front of me, which was writing and storytelling.


School has always made impact on me and in fact, I even miss going to college. I like the challenge.



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