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No. 43 Oops. Rebekah1213
rebekah1213 wrote in 50_posts

Author: Rebekah1213
Title: Oops.
Prompt No.: 43.
Five things I’ve done that wish I hadn’t

Rating: PG-13
Word count: 264
Warnings: Adult thoughts


To make a really long and stressful, short, the entire summer and fall activities of 2005. . . It was huge legal mess and I have learned that adults really need to keep their distance from minors as we just have no rights protecting us. I would also just punch this one guy in the month and keep kicking him the nuts. (I don’t normally say that about most people, but he did some very bad things to me. I am just leaving it at that. There were at least a half of dozen of things that happened in those five months. In 2012, I will start writing my story about it . . .  changing all of the names of course, especially my own.)


I regret dating my first real boyfriend and half dating this guy I knew in school. (We would do everything together, except kiss, make out etc. “We half-ass dated” my current boyfriend says.) However it’s weird looking back. . . I had to go through the bad, shitty guys to understand how good I have it now (*knock on wood*).


I wish I was more spiritually open in the past as well more down to earth.


I don’t know if I can just sit and list five. . . some of them are clustered together. My biggest regret is meeting a few of my brother’s younger friends; all they were was trouble. I have lived and learned.


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