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[sticky post]Prompt table
Blue Red
1st Prompt table
1. Why have I chosen to do this challenge?
2. Do I like animals?
3. My political leanings?
4. My first date
5. Look at your hands. Why are you grateful for them?
6. What am I all about? What makes me who I am?
7. The person that I admire.
8. What's the coolest piece of technology I work or play with?
Ten fictional TV characters I fancy and why?
10. My dream job...
11. Send some people on your friends list some love.
12. My fondest childhood memory.
13. What would I like to be remembered for?
14. The most interesting person that I have ever met.
15. My ten favourite quotes
16. The biggest mess that I ever got myself into.
17. My scariest flight.
18. Music is an important part of my life.
19. My biggest goal in life.
20. (Friend’s choice)
21. My favourite movies
22. It’s ten years in the future. Write a letter to yourtoday self.
23. My favourite poem?
24. The present that I would like to receive.
25. My perfect day
26. All the jobs I’ve ever had.
27. The meaning of Christmas
28. If I could become invisible...
29. My parents
30. A world event that is causing me distress is...
31. I wish that I could...
32. The best book that I ever read
33 The things that get me upset.
34. My five favourite LJ communities and why?
35. If I could choose a different time period to live in, when would it be?
36. My most embarrassing moment.
37. I am happy when...
38. The things that really bother me
39. T.V. shows that I secretly and ashamedly enjoy?
40. (Friend’s choice)
41. Do we really need more than fifty kinds of shampoo?
42. I get scared when...
43. Five things I've done that I wish I hadn't
44. My fondest school memory.
45. Self-control is...
46. The most interesting place that I have ever visited.
47. A letter to someone I think of as a mentor.
48. When I take a long look in the mirror this is what I see.
49. Qualities that I look for in a friend.
50. My favourite and least favourite topic on the list?

Orion Nebula

Congratulations and well done to


for finishing the first batch of 50_posts!

Rebekah1213 Post 50

Author: Rebekah1213
Title: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Prompt No. 50
My favorite and least favorite topic on the list.

Rating: PG
Word count: 223


Okay I believe there were more good topics on this list than bad so I am going to use the sandwich method . . .


My top three favorite were 9. Ten fictional TV characters I fancy and why?; 15. My ten favorite quotes; and 18. Music is an important part of my life. Music and writing are so important to me which is probably why these three were my favorite.


Three topics I wasn’t really impressed with: 41. Do we really need more than fifty kinds of shampoo?; 30. A world event that is causing me distress is...; 20. (Friend’s choice). I like the selection of shampoos out there; I just wish they were not an arm and leg to buy. I much as I love to writ about myself as it is what I know; I really try to avoid the news. There were two friend’s choices.


Now I will give three new ideas:

  1. Describe your favorite meal . . . (Shape, color, flavor, texture etc.)
  2. What was your favorite toy as a kid?
  3. Pick a number between 10-25, now tell that many thing about yourself people may not know.

Rebekah1213 No. 49 Friend Qualities

Author: Rebekah1213
Title: Friends
Prompt No. 49
What makes a good friend (to me)

Rating: PG
Word count: 622


I have ten qualities I seek in a friend. I will exact each one . . .


  1. Honesty—I can handle honesty. If I have something in my teeth, or I’m out of line, I want to be told that. I don’t want back-stabbers and lairs. I cannot handle negative gossip or whispering behind my back. I am sick of so-and-so said this about you and then when I confront them about it; they deny it. I am a very honest person, so honest, that; in fact, some people even avoid my opinion. I think I can be too blunt and I wouldn’t change just to save feelings. If you don’t like me, tell me straight out and tell me why, so we can both get on with our lives.  
  2. Loyalty—Loyalty is huge to me. I am very loyal and devoted to my friends and I just expect the same in return. I am not friends with people just when they want something. . . I am sick of those games.
  3. Positive outlook—I am so sick and tired of the negative would putting down everyone within 1000 foot radar. If you are negative, please avoid me. I am only looking for those who are hopeful and have a positive outlook. I want someone with a “Yes, I can” attitude. (I understand people have bad days, but I am talking about those people that are down and bring everyone down with them. I am related to some of those people; I don’t want my friends like that too.)
  4. Little to no drama—I understand everyone has drama, whether it is friends, family, work, school, etc. I am not everyone’s problem solver or drama partner. I don’t mind listening once and while, but if all we are going to do together is figure out your drama, then pay me to be your shrink.
  5. Sense of Humor—I will admit I have a very weird sense of humor: I love parody movies. I love to laugh and I would love a friend to laugh with me as well.
  6. Supportive—I am sick of being the only strong person in my friendships. Everyone comes to be for that shoulder to cry on or that ear to listen or the advice that they ask for but then throw back in my face.
  7. Creative—My boyfriend is an artist and I am a writer; we both have artistic outlooks in life. I would love to have friends with a creative mind, but not that temperamental. I wouldn’t mind a friend to work on writing or art project with.
  8. Intelligence—I have an IQ over 125 and I would like spiritual and intellectual conversations with my friends. I enjoy learning and I want my friend with similar interests and desires.
  9. Common Interests—I like to write, cook, bake, watch music, listen and perform music, play video games, play board games, go on hikes and walks and the list goes on. I would like someone who had similar interested to do these things with.
  10. Close my age—I am 29 and I would really like friend around my age (Age:25-35). I have noticed that my friends under 25 aren’t usually on the same level as me. Those older than 35 treat me like a parent and being as dominant as I am it drives me crazy. It doesn’t mean I won’t be friends with everyone, but I just would feel more comfortable with those who are just on the same level of maturity that I am on.

Rebekah1213 Post 47: Teaching is so underappreciated

Author: Rebekah1213
Title: Teaching is so underappreciated
Prompt No. 47
Letter to a Mentor

Rating: PG
Word count: 349


Dear My 5th, 7th, and 8th English and Math teacher (I am not going to add names on my blog. I went to a Catholic junior high and my 5th grade teacher moved up with my 7th grade class, so I got her 3 years.)


I always had a plan growing up and while in junior high and high school the plan was pretty much the same: get good grade, get into college and hopefully find m big break in music. I had three loves growing up: music, writing, and cooking. I always believe I would excel at least one of them. In school there was one teacher I will remember probably just a bit more than the other and that was because she taught me English and Math in 5th grade, 7th grade and 8th grade.


I never saw a teacher so excited the day I got my new glasses in 5th grade. I was late for reading because of my eye doctor’s appointment and when I walked in the door she had a smile across her face. I had my first pair of glasses and she was so excited I wasn’t squinting while I was reading that she made me read all of the signs on the clip board around the room.


She showed me a passion in writing; in fact, it was my fifth grade year when I truly started to write stories and poetry for myself. After that year everyone knew me as the girl who would write during recess. Even in high school people knew me, because I always had a notebook and pen in my hand.


I just want to tell her thank you for three years of encouragement. You know it’s funny we still chat on facebook once and while and she wants a copy of my next book which I’m still working on. Again thank you for your support, encouragement and excitement about writing.



                                                                                    One of your Best Students



Rebekah1213 No. 48 When I take a long look in the mirror this is what I see.

Author: Rebekah1213
Title: This is what I see
Prompt No. 48
When I take a long look in the mirror this is what I see.

Rating: PG-13
Word count: 403
Warnings: Language


When I looking into a mirror what do I see. . . (Well, I can go at this: three ways):


1.      I’ll start with my negative side: It sees the one zit that is so deep into the skin that it haunts and taunts me. I cannot pop it without scarring, but I know it is resistant to any of my soaps and crèmes. It always pops up just before a family function or when I am getting my photo taken  . . damn bastard.
This side of me also sees me on the really bad hair day where your hair wants to do everything, but what you want it to do.
This side also sees when I feel fat and it just mocks me. . . I try to avoid mirrors on those days.

2.      My realistic side: I see that my bubbly personality doesn’t match my plain ponytail look. I’m 5 foot, around 250 pounds (and I am not afraid to announce after all this side sees reality.) I have a cubby face with high cheek bones, bottom of the lake blue eyes which are both hidden by out-of-style glasses. My hair is currently dirty-dish water blonde (almost light brown and I believe this is the closest I have ever had it to my true hair color since I was 16 since I haven’t had money or the time to simply dye it. I am thinking of dying it a new color for 2012 maybe bright red, blue or purple. Who knows? What color really goes with my personality?) My personality is light and dark and I believe I don’t have enough dark in my look right now.

3.      My hopeful side: I see a selfless girl who drops her own life to help her family and friends even when she gets chewed out or burned in the end. She still helps out without anything in return. (She’s not trying to collect Karma points as if there is a point system.) She simply does it help out those who need it as she desires to see others happy. It is her blessing and her curse.

I cannot just see myself as one away or another: my moods change daily.

Rebekah1213 Post 46 The Beach: The Ocean

Author: Rebekah1213
Title: The Beach, Can I say more?
Prompt No. 46 The Most interesting Place I have ever been. . .

Rating: PG
Word count: 255
Warnings: None


Close your eyes for a moment and I will describe the two places that I have been to that have some interest and history to me.


Imagine you are at the beach where the air is warm, the sun is bright and the water is clear blue. It is so inviting that you take a swim that you discovered that the water is warm and you can see the fish and the sand for several feet under you. There is local tropical music playing in the background and you are served icy drinks as you lay on the sand doing nothing. It is paradise. Now I’m sure you want to know where this place is . . . it’s called Labadee. You need to go on Royal Caribbean cruises to get to it. I could high suggest it as it is paradise . . . lush blue waters, entertainment, and shopping.


Now imagine you wake up from a cozy hotel bed to walk down the sand board walk as you watch the sunrise while drinking a coffee. Just imagine the warm breeze blowing as the sun sparkling on the small waves on the water as the air smell of salty ocean water, sand and coconut tanning lotion. It is such a beautiful way to start the day. The place where I got to experience this was in Virginia Beach.


I just like the idea of staring at the endless ocean . . . there is so much mystery, passion, and excitement in the perfect scenery.

No. 45 I Have Control Rebekah1213

Author: Rebekah1213
Title: I have Control
Prompt No. 45 Self-control is . . .
Rating: PG
Word count: 225
Warnings: None


Self-control is something I have little of (especially with shopping). I mean when I go grocery shopping, for example, I have a list for things I need to use for dinner and I will still get the munchies and sweets. My boyfriend usually doesn’t disagree, but I just wish I wasn’t so impulsive, because it just makes me go and re-budget. (I also wonder where I gain that five pounds . . . the sweets.)


Self-control is also when you have a hole in your tongue from biting it instead of causing world war 3 with your friends or your boyfriend’s friends. I’m so sick of people acting one way around us and another way when we are gone. I am sick to death of hearing someone said this or that about me, behind my back. (If you don’t like me, I don’t care, but just have enough guts to tell me the truth to my face.)


Self-control is listening to my family babbling about their religious morals when I don’t believe in the same thing. It is when I keep quiet as I smile and nod simply to just keep peace.


Self-control is not telling my EX-stepmother off, knowing that I want to, but I don’t want my brothers having to deal with her afterwards.


Damn maybe I do have some self-control after all.

No. 44 School Days Rebekah1213

Author: Rebekah1213
Title: School Days
Prompt No.: 44. My fondest School Memory

Rating: PG
Word count: 419



I have three moments that I remember the best. . .


First moment was when I was in fifth grade and I just got glasses and my reading teacher who I am still good friends with made me read all of the signs around the room for the entire class. She was so excited when I could do it without squinting or complaining of a headache. It was exciting and kind of embarrassing, but my friends were happy for me.


My favorite subjects are music/choir and English so many of my greatest memories have to do with those classes. . .


I remember there was a program I wanted to be in as I was in program Young Authors four years in row. I wanted to be in a program called Power of the Pen where they time you and give you a prompt and the most creative person get points. However my grammar was what kept me from getting in. (I also believe the teacher aide that was in charge of the local group wasn’t too fond of my perkiness and being too hyper.)


I remember I wrote a 10 page paper in English on how music improves math score from two different angles. I got actually got 120% on the finished project which I turned in two days early. It was the easiest paper I ever wrote and I wrote it in my senior year of high school.


I loved my four years of choir in high school. I enjoyed my choir director, he showed me how to enjoy and learn about music at the same time. His students, me included, could obviously tell that he was passionate about music and performance. However his wife who teaches at the local community college is completely the opposite of him . . . he makes music fun and she is a freakin’ music Nazi. She wouldn’t help me when I had problems with my sight and singing classes; as she didn’t want to give me more attention. “It wasn’t fair for the other students,” was her biggest excuse, but I couldn’t just find a tutor in that class. Then she told me “maybe music performance isn’t for you.” I was devastated for several months as it took over a year for me to realize my second passion that was right in front of me, which was writing and storytelling.


School has always made impact on me and in fact, I even miss going to college. I like the challenge.


No. 43 Oops. Rebekah1213

Author: Rebekah1213
Title: Oops.
Prompt No.: 43.
Five things I’ve done that wish I hadn’t

Rating: PG-13
Word count: 264
Warnings: Adult thoughts


To make a really long and stressful, short, the entire summer and fall activities of 2005. . . It was huge legal mess and I have learned that adults really need to keep their distance from minors as we just have no rights protecting us. I would also just punch this one guy in the month and keep kicking him the nuts. (I don’t normally say that about most people, but he did some very bad things to me. I am just leaving it at that. There were at least a half of dozen of things that happened in those five months. In 2012, I will start writing my story about it . . .  changing all of the names of course, especially my own.)


I regret dating my first real boyfriend and half dating this guy I knew in school. (We would do everything together, except kiss, make out etc. “We half-ass dated” my current boyfriend says.) However it’s weird looking back. . . I had to go through the bad, shitty guys to understand how good I have it now (*knock on wood*).


I wish I was more spiritually open in the past as well more down to earth.


I don’t know if I can just sit and list five. . . some of them are clustered together. My biggest regret is meeting a few of my brother’s younger friends; all they were was trouble. I have lived and learned.