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Rebekah1213 No. 49 Friend Qualities
rebekah1213 wrote in 50_posts

Author: Rebekah1213
Title: Friends
Prompt No. 49
What makes a good friend (to me)

Rating: PG
Word count: 622


I have ten qualities I seek in a friend. I will exact each one . . .


  1. Honesty—I can handle honesty. If I have something in my teeth, or I’m out of line, I want to be told that. I don’t want back-stabbers and lairs. I cannot handle negative gossip or whispering behind my back. I am sick of so-and-so said this about you and then when I confront them about it; they deny it. I am a very honest person, so honest, that; in fact, some people even avoid my opinion. I think I can be too blunt and I wouldn’t change just to save feelings. If you don’t like me, tell me straight out and tell me why, so we can both get on with our lives.  
  2. Loyalty—Loyalty is huge to me. I am very loyal and devoted to my friends and I just expect the same in return. I am not friends with people just when they want something. . . I am sick of those games.
  3. Positive outlook—I am so sick and tired of the negative would putting down everyone within 1000 foot radar. If you are negative, please avoid me. I am only looking for those who are hopeful and have a positive outlook. I want someone with a “Yes, I can” attitude. (I understand people have bad days, but I am talking about those people that are down and bring everyone down with them. I am related to some of those people; I don’t want my friends like that too.)
  4. Little to no drama—I understand everyone has drama, whether it is friends, family, work, school, etc. I am not everyone’s problem solver or drama partner. I don’t mind listening once and while, but if all we are going to do together is figure out your drama, then pay me to be your shrink.
  5. Sense of Humor—I will admit I have a very weird sense of humor: I love parody movies. I love to laugh and I would love a friend to laugh with me as well.
  6. Supportive—I am sick of being the only strong person in my friendships. Everyone comes to be for that shoulder to cry on or that ear to listen or the advice that they ask for but then throw back in my face.
  7. Creative—My boyfriend is an artist and I am a writer; we both have artistic outlooks in life. I would love to have friends with a creative mind, but not that temperamental. I wouldn’t mind a friend to work on writing or art project with.
  8. Intelligence—I have an IQ over 125 and I would like spiritual and intellectual conversations with my friends. I enjoy learning and I want my friend with similar interests and desires.
  9. Common Interests—I like to write, cook, bake, watch music, listen and perform music, play video games, play board games, go on hikes and walks and the list goes on. I would like someone who had similar interested to do these things with.
  10. Close my age—I am 29 and I would really like friend around my age (Age:25-35). I have noticed that my friends under 25 aren’t usually on the same level as me. Those older than 35 treat me like a parent and being as dominant as I am it drives me crazy. It doesn’t mean I won’t be friends with everyone, but I just would feel more comfortable with those who are just on the same level of maturity that I am on.


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